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  • $ 12.00

    Deity Original Series 1-6

    The original series where it all started.
  • $ 8.00

    Catseye 1-4

    The Deity spin off the goes off on it’s own for a 4 part mini-series and is rejoined with Deity in Requiem
  • $ 12.00

    Deity Orginal Series Trade Paperback 1-6

    A re-printing of issues 1-6 of the Deity Original mini-series from Image Comics. This version features an additional cover art gallery, and comes in 2 books
  • $ 5.00

    Deity: Requiem #1

    This beautifully drawn book features great artwork my Michael O’Hare. It is the definitive conclusion of the Deity series and also concludes the Catseye mini-series spin off. 56 pages with a fold out 3 page cover. Story by Napton & Altstaetter
  • $ 8.00

    Deity: Revelations #1-4

    The third part of the mini series. A great battle for the control of the Universe is about to begin on Earth. Conclusion of the Deity mini-series, until it’s final wrap up in Requiem
  • $ 10.00

    Deity: The Darkness and the Light #1-5

    The second installment of the series, that deals with the ongoing battle between good and evil. Darkness and Light will introduce you to new evils and reacquaint you with old ones
  • $ 4.00

    St Angel Signed Kia Asamiya Cover

    Kia Asamiya illustrated the cover for a limited run of St. Angel #1. He also signed an even smaller amount. We have about 10 of these left.
  • $ 10.00

    St Angel 0-4

    Another truly orginial mini series from Napton & Altstaetter. These books vary from 32-48 pages. #0 features the intro and character development. Saint Angel #1-4 also feature a back-up independant Deity storyline in a flipbook format. Total 5 books
  • $ 10.00

    Samurai, The Graphic Novel

     Samurai The Graphic Novel combines cutting edge comic book artwork and storytelling with the iconic idea of the Samurai! Artists from around the globe have contributed stories to this one of a kind comic book experience. From the far future where android Samurai battle for their humanity to Samurai ghosts...
  • $ 25.00

    Deity Perfect Collection Box Set

     This great set contains all issues of the Deity series. It also includes the full Catseye series as well at Requiem. It doesn’t get any better as it comes in its own box set!
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